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White Wine

Garganega-Pinot Grigio, Tanti Petali, Botter

2013/14 Veneto, Italy (2) 12% vol

Light and leafy with a hint of pear and blossom.

An easygoing match for almost anything.

Bottle £14.90

250ml £5.20 - 175ml £4.20 - 125ml £3.50

Sauvignon Blanc , Villa Rosaura

2013/14 Central Valley, Chile (1) 12.5% vol

A delightfully crisp and refreshing white wine. Citrus

fruit aromas and floral notes combine on the nose.

On the palate, a balanced acidity, light body and a

lasting finish.

Bottle £15.90

250ml £5.40 - 175ml £4.40 - 125ml £3.70

Unwooded Chardonnay, Huntersville

2013/14 Swartland, South Africa (2) 14.5% vol

Light, fresh and easy, young Chardonnay with not

an ounce of oak to confound the bright purity of

lemony tropical fruit. An exceptional wine.

Bottle £16.50

250ml £5.50 - 175ml £4.50 - 125ml £3.80

Frascati Superiore, Gran Pico

2012/13 Lazio, Italy (2) 12% vol

A youthful and delicate Frascati with classic fresh

fruit aromas and a clean, savoury palate. The ideal

alternative to Italy’s classic Pinot Grigio.

Bottle £17.90

250ml £5.90 - 175ml £4.80 - 125ml £4.00

Sauvignon Blanc , Taworri *

2013/14 Marlborough, New Zealand (2) 13% vol

Benchmark New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with all

the classic notes this style of wine is famed for -

crisp, zesty character, gooseberry fruit, grassy notes

and utterly delicious.

Bottle £22.50

250ml £7.50 - 175ml £5.70 - 125ml £4.50

Red Wine

Tempranillo-Shiraz, Nueve Vidas

2013/14 Spain (C) 12.5%

Fruity, smooth and easy-drinking. The lightness of

Tempranillo well blended with the spicier red berry

fruit of Shiraz.

Bottle £14.90

250ml £5.20 - 175ml £4.20 - 125ml £3.50

Merlot, Santa Helena

2013/14 Central Valley, Chile (C) 13% vol

Soft, ripe, rounded and packed with plummy spice

and red fruit flavours. A very gentle texture supports

plenty of blackberry, bramble fruit.

A real over-performer.

Bottle £15.90

250ml £5.40 - 175ml £4.40 - 125ml £3.70

Shiraz-Malbec, Avanti, Bodegas Borbore

2013/14 San Juan, Argentina (B) 13% vol

Richly coloured and scented it is an easy-drinking

blend, with Shiraz taking centre stage to give a

smoky, spicy palate supported by a firm Malbec grip.

Bottle £16.50

250ml £5.50 - 175ml £4.50 - 125ml £3.80

Cabernet Sauvignon, Rumours

2013/14 S.E. Australia (C) 12.5% vol

Bright cassis and blackcurrant fruit with underlying

chocolate vanilla oak tones which carry through to

the palate then burst with ripe fruit sweetness on

the finish.

Bottle £16.50

250ml £5.50 - 175ml £4.50 - 125ml £3.80

Ermita de San Felices Rioja Seleccion, Bodegas Santalba *

2012/13 Rioja, Spain (C) 13.5% vol

Light and elegant with plenty of summer-pudding

red berry fruit. It has a light oak influence that adds

weight and concentration. The vibrant violet, cherry

fruit is absolutely typical of good Tempranillo Rioja.

Bottle £22.50

250ml £7.50 - 175ml £5.70 - 125ml £4.50

Rose Wine

Pinot Grigio Rosato, Tanti Petali, Botter

2013/14 Italy (1) 12% vol

Very light and refreshing with a delicate pear-drop

fruit. Absolutely bright and fresh, terrifically easy

to drink.

Bottle £14.90

250ml £5.20 - 175ml £4.20 - 125ml £3.80

Zinfandel Blush, Island Fox

2013/14 Puglia, Italy (3) 11.5% vol

This is Italy’s take on the ever-popular sweet

Zinfandel rosé that California does so well! It is

sweet and juicy with fruit salad flavours, a lighter

body and lower alcohol.

Bottle £15.90

250ml £5.40 - 175ml £4.40 - 125ml £3.70

Sparkling & Champagne

El Miracle Cava Brut

NV Spain (1) 11.5% vol

Clean and fruity aroma with citrus and floral notes.

The full-bodied Chardonnay character offers a dry

style with a delightful, lingering aftertaste.

Bottle £22.00

El Miracle Cava Rose Brut

NV Spain (2) 11.5%

A cherry pink Cava displaying elegance and ripe red

fruit aromas. Intensely fragrant with a patisserie

note on the finish.

Bottle £22.00

Prosecco Spumante, Tenuta Ca’ Bolani

NV Italy (1) 11% vol

Pale straw-yellow and a fine, clear mousse with

delicate bubbles. Exuberantly fruity, aromatic, with

appley notes. Well-balanced and easy-drinking with

the delicate almond note typical of the grape variety.

Bottle £23.50

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

NV Champagne, France (1) 12% vol

Pale gold, confident full aroma and flavour, mouthfilling

and satisfying. Excellent in its class with real depth of flavour.

Bottle £65.00

Cocktails -  2 for £12.50 or £7.00 each


Bacardi, lime, mint, sugar, soda

Spiced Mojito

Bacardi, lime, mint, sugar, with Sailor Jerry’s Rum

Classic Daiquiri

Bacardi, fresh lime

Jelly Baby

Absolut Vodka, Archers, Malibu, Blue Bols, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice

Tom Collins

Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda


Vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice

Sex on the Beach

Vodka, Archers, cranberry, orange


Bacardi, pineapple, coconut

Classic Martini

Gin, Vermouth

Cocktail Jugs £21.00 each


Red wine, Brandy, sugar, fresh fruit

Woo Woo

Vodka, Archers, cranberry juice, sugar

Moscow Mule

Vodka, ginger beer, mint

Sea Breeze

Vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice

Shots £3.50 each


Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marnier

Slippery Nipple

Sambuca, Baileys

Mini Guinness

Black Sambuca, Baileys

Jam Donut

Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, Baileys

Chocolate Cake

Vodka, Frangelico, squeeze of lemon

Squashed Frog

Midori, Advocaat, Baileys, Grenadine

Hot Shot

Vodka, Sambuca, Tabasco

* Two exceptional wines well worth the money - if you are just having one glass, why not make it a real treat?

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